For over 20 years, Korngold has led the way in creating and applying innovative, high-impact approaches for companies to become more competitive in the global marketplace.

Her pathbreaking practices enhance corporate governance, facilitate leadership development, engage stakeholders, and advance sustainability—all in ways that help companies generate long-term business value.

Korngold Consulting’s areas of expertise include:

    • Corporate governance
    • Oversight for sustainability—economic, environmental, and social
    • Board assessment
    • Board composition
    • Board dynamics
    • Leadership succession planning

Sustainability Advisory Boards

    • Purpose, role and responsibilities
    • Composition and structure
    • Meetings and agendas
    • Compensation

Sustainability/CSR strategy

    • Purpose, goals, and benefits
    • Leadership
    • Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement

    • Purpose, goals, and values
    • Approaches

Nonprofit partnerships

    • Purpose, goals, and benefits
    • Potential partners
    • Leadership
    • Assessment

NGO/nonprofit board-matching