Nonprofit board service is particularly compelling for business people and professionals seeking to develop as leaders.

Business people who bring valuable skills and experience as well as diverse backgrounds and perspectives are uniquely equipped to help regional, national, and global organizations to achieve success in addressing poverty, education, health care, the conservation of natural resources, and other key issues.

Through nonprofit board experience, business people participate with the CEO in envisioning an organization’s greater potential, creating the revenue model, and achieving success. In fact, nonprofit board service is the ultimate experience in ethics, accountability, leadership, group dynamics, and crisis management and communications.

For Executives

Korngold Consulting LLC prepares and places corporate executives and professionals on global, national, and regional nonprofit boards of directors through a uniquely sophisticated one-on-one process that maximizes the leadership development value of the experience. Korngold Consulting prepares executives for successful board and leadership experiences with innovative training — through imaginative distance learning and interactive on-site sessions — and coaching services.

For Corporations

Korngold Consulting LLC assists companies in powering their global, national, and regional impact by leveraging and expanding the nonprofit board involvement of their corporate executives, integrating leadership service with the corporation’s philanthropy strategy, and aligning both with corporate mission and CSR. The firm provides board training services for global corporations using imaginative approaches for distance learning in addition to highly interactive, on-site leadership programs.

“Korngold Consulting is highly valuable in involving our partners on global, national and regional nonprofit boards where they and the firm can make meaningful contributions. Alice also presents excellent forums, guidance, and support to foster leadership development.”

Craig Medwick, Former Regional Managing Partner, Americas, Clifford Chance