Nonprofits face greater financial challenges than ever before; we know that from experience as well as studies from the Nonprofit Finance Fund. This is also a time of extraordinary opportunity as new philanthropists come onto the scene, corporations and foundations show fresh interest in alternative funding approaches, and fees for services present innovative options.

In order to vanquish the threats, while capturing and maximizing the opportunities, even the best nonprofit CEOs require truly high impact boards. And even top development teams can only get the best results when they have truly committed board members.

So how does an organization build the best board that will work in collaboration with the staff to achieve the organization’s greatest potential?

What action steps does your board and organization need to take to achieve the Greater Vision for a better world?

The Korngold Board Vector is a brand new and unique board assessment tool for boards and organizations looking to the future. This is a tool for nonprofits seeking to maximize revenue opportunities in order to achieve the organization’s greatest potential in service to the community. The Korngold Board Vector will show you how well your board is equipped to take the organization forward; it will help you to know what’s working and what needs to be improved in order to get you where you’re going.

The Korngold Board Vector is designed for organizations that are facing any of the following challenges and opportunities:

  • Increasing demands for services
  • Financial challenges, including reductions or delays in funding from key sources
  • New funding opportunities
  • Strategic alliances, from loose affiliations to mergers or takeovers
  • Narrowing or expanding geographic areas of service
  • Reducing or expanding programs or services
  • Updating the relevance of the mission

The Korngold Board Vector will provide your board with a customized report and framework that allows you to:

  • Assess and enhance your board’s composition, practices, and structure based on the direction in which the board seeks to take the organization, and the pace that the board wants to move.

Values of the Korngold Board Vector:

  • A user-friendly online assessment tool for the entire board and the CEO; it takes fewer than 20 minutes to complete
  • A diagnostic report that maps the board’s capacity to achieve the organization’s vision for the future
  • Advisory services for the CEO and board leadership with Alice Korngold

For further information, contact Melanie Meyer